Weight loss is one of the most common reasons people seek healthcare. For many people, weight loss and achieving healthy weight balance has been a long-term battle. In fact, most people trying to lose weight have tried not only once, but several times before.

The Weight Loss Program is more than a one-size-fits all approach, more than a points system, and more than a boot camp. The Weight Loss Program is an individualized lifestyle programmed designed to meet the needs of each patient and achieve healthy body composition.

The first step is to perform a Comprehensive Health Assessment to evaluate for the causes of your weight-related concerns. The goal is to determine a therapeutic target so an appropriate treatment plan can be designed.

Simply improving diet and exercise is often not effective enough for many people to achieve their weight loss goals. Not only do we want to improve nutrition and increase exercise but we also need to determine if there are hormonal, genetic, digestive, detoxification, immune system, or other factors involved in your body composition concerns.

Once a proper evaluation is performed an effective treatment plan can be designed. The most common therapies I use include food allergy elimination, oral supplementation, intravenous nutrient infusions, detoxification support, and the HCG diet.