The buildup of toxic metals can negatively impact the body. In the modern world we are all exposed to relatively high levels of many heavy metals. Depending on where you live, your occupation, and lifestyle habits you may be exposed to several different types and levels of toxic metals. Chelation Therapy is the most effective therapy to remove the buildup of heavy metals from the body.

There are two basic types of Chelation Therapy: IV EDTA chelation and oral DMSA chelation.

IV EDTA chelation is the treatment of choice for removing high levels of lead in the body. It has been shown over decades of use to be the most effective treatment for the removal of lead. Anyone born before 1980 was exposed exposed to lead from the gasoline used at that time. There are other sources of lead such as industrial chemicals and paints that may contribute to high body lead levels. IV EDTA chelation is also the only proven treatment used for acute lead poisoning.

Oral DMSA chelation is used to remove mercury, aluminum, cadmium, and other heavy metals from the body. These metals may be stored in the body from years of exposure to industrial pollution, contaminated food, or mercury amalgam fillings.

The signs and symptoms of heavy metal toxicity may vary from mild to severe. They may mimic other diseases or they may contribute to long term degenerative diseases like atherosclerosis, arthritis, cancers, joint pain, weight gain, digestive system ailments, asthma, lung conditions, fatigue, fibromyalgia and skin conditions. The best way to determine if toxic heavy metals are a factor in your health is to perform a provoked urinary challenge test. Your urinary levels of heavy metals are measured before the test and after the test at various times to determine your heavy metal load. This test will accurately show the level of stored heavy metals in the body and discriminate between the types of toxic metals.