Post-Concussion Syndrome

“After dealing with symptoms from Post Concussion Syndrome for over a year, I looked into prolotherapy and found Dr. Barlow.  He treated me four times with prolotherapy in the upper neck over a span of three months. I found that this therapy stopped the headaches and pressure in my head and eliminated neck stiffness and pain!  I also found that it relieved my eye strain I was experiencing.  I recommend this therapy for anyone going through PCS as well as any other chronic pain!”

Zane – Kelowna, BC


Chronic Pain After a Car Accident

In 2003 I became an internationally ranked sprinter. I began competing all across North America and into Europe on my quest to becoming the world’s fastest human. As my performances increased, my future was with the Olympics in sight. However my career was ended by a devastating car accident in 2005. As a result, I was left with a herniation of my L4 disc and a complete sequestration of my L5 disc. The accumulated damage was immense. I was told I would be lucky to ever walk normal again and that I would be in sciatic pain through my right leg for the rest of my life.

After surgery, the quest to return to my sport was impossible at best. My ability to feel my right leg touch the ground was very limited and the pain it caused to bare weight through that leg was excruciating at the best of times. However, in time I did return to my sport; but nowhere close to the same level I once was and not without a great price. The damage caused from attempting the return to sprinting began to create similar effects into both legs. The pain became intense beyond measure. Every step became slow, painful and torturous for every moment I moved, stood and even lied down. My future was no longer promising or bright- Only full of pain and utter agony…

In September of 2010, I began receiving Prolotherapy from Dr. Barlow every 3rd week to complement, increase and enhance the effectiveness of additional rehab I was receiving from my physiotherapist. After 7 months of extensive treatment from Dr. Barlow, I can say with great conviction that his treatments have helped me in ways my words alone cannot express. They have bettered my quality of life beyond imaginable limitations. I am now starting to regain most all sensation through my leg. My sciatic nerve pain has dissipated to nearly nothing and I am able to function and live a life I can once again be both happy and proud of.

Brandt – Kelowna, BC


Chronic Foot Pain

My quality of life has improved so much, thanks to Dr. Barlow! He has opened my eyes to a new way of thinking. Instead of treating the symptoms, treat the ROOT CAUSE. He has helped me get to the root cause of my chronic foot pain, and my exhaustion. I feel hopeful that I will continue to improve under his care. It’s great to have a partner in my wellness. I thought it would be a struggle and take hard work, but with a few simple changes I am seeing huge improvements. He takes into consideration factors such as stress on the body, which I hadn’t realized I was even feeling on a regular basis. Thank you Dr. Barlow, for helping me improve my life so drastically. I am feeling great and singing your praises to everyone who will listen.

Victoria – Kelowna, BC

Overall Health

My skin was dry, ruff, cracking; I had stomach irritation, hot flashes.  Between my skin and my stomach, I had had enough, I was willing to do anything and I did.  Through the years I saw several Medical Dr.’s and several Naturopathic Dr.’s.  I found that they didn’t really listen to me, but then I met Dr. Barlow.  Listen he did, he respected my opinions about what was going on with my body.  He listened to my concerns, he suggested certain tests and treatments.  I did as he told me to do, and it took months.  Months and years to get this sick and it took months and yes it took years to get better.  When he says not to eat certain foods it was hard to hear and it worked.  Not eating these items have saved my skin and my insides…No hot flashes or upset stomach anymore…Yes, some days I fall off the wagon, and my body pays for it, but without Dr. Barlow I know that I would not be as healthy as I am today….Thanks Dr. Barlow for listening and Caring!

Sylvia Fleming – Kelowna, BC